Dozens crushed to death at Jewish festival in Israel 以色列宗教活动现场发生严重踩踏事故

At least 38 people were killed and many more injured in a stampede at the grave of a Jewish sage in northern Israel, according to rescue services and local media.


The Israeli army was assisting civilian rescue workers at the “mass casualty event”. Footage from the scene at Mount Meron showed that part of the stadium where ultra-Orthodox worshippers had been celebrating the festival of Lag B’omer had collapsed.

以色列军队正在这起“大规模伤亡事件”中协助民间救援人员。梅龙山(Mount Meron)现场发回的视频显示,犹太教极端正统派教徒为庆祝篝火节(Lag B’omer)所搭的台子部分坍塌。

Separate reports said overcrowding had led to a stampede, citing survivors. A spokesperson for Israel’s ambulance services told Ynet News that most of the deaths were caused by severe overcrowding.

另有报道援引幸存者的话称,过度拥挤导致了踩踏。以色列救护服务部门发言人向以色列新闻媒体Ynet News表示,大多数人员死亡都是严重的过度拥挤造成的。